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Non-GPS Tracking

K-2 supply chain tracker

The most flexible and powerful tracker available on the market.

CKR is the US partner for Kizy Tracking, Kizy is a B2B global tracking system specifically designed to fulfill the visibility needs of the logistics and supply chain industry. It uses the existing global GSM infrastructure and local WiFi (no GPS) for positioning and communication.

K-Box for tough environments

Ruggedised tracker, ideal for containers – inside or stacked, buildings – inside or around tall buildings and assets / vehicles / plant – inside or hidden in/on.


  •  Tough environment – IP67 water proof, IK07 shock, -35 to 85°C
  •  Autonomous – up to 3 years without a charge
  •  Multiple fixing options – bolt-on / magnetic
  •  Optional external sensors – temperature, light, etc.

Light Sensor

New light sensor option to send alerts when the tracker detects any light

The detection of light by the tracker will log and transmit an event or alert to the tracking platform, your system or to your mobile device. This has many powerful uses:

  •  Alert when your shipment, parcel, or container is opened.
  •  Alert when your goods or assets have been stolen or even attempted to be stolen.
  •  Log when goods have been exposed to sunlight, and how long for.
  •  Alert time and position if someone tries to remove a tracker from your tracked asset, eg: vehicle, machinery, plant equipment, etc.

Welcome to The World of Smart Tracking

The K-2 is the most flexible and powerful tracking solution on the market.
To find out how our solution can benefit your organisation please get in touch.


We have built every feature around the specific requirements of logistics applications. 

The K-2 hardware is specially designed to help you achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility in a cost-efficient way.


Better accuracy

Dynamic accuracy, down to 10m when needed

Worldwide coverage

2G/3G GSM module. We cover 98% of the countries. Both indoors and outdoors.

Low cost

One tenth the total ownership cost of gps tracking devices.

Increased flexibility

Fully configurable over-the-air.

Extra long battery life

Up to 1 year battery. Rechargeable.


Credit card format. 8.5mm thin. Less than 47g. The K-2 literally fits everywhere.


Simply get your tracker back in an envelope via low cost mail.

More sensors

Extendable via the USB-C connector.