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LED Lens

DBM is unique solutions to your unique LED lighting design problems

Complete Solution

Most companies try to utilize LED’s as simple replacements for other lighting technologies. Most of these are absolute failures.

Why? LED’s are not a replacement for other lighting technologies; they are a completely unique solution.

DBM’s expertise is to deliver a solution that optimizes LED technology and improves the final product to significantly outperform your present solution; and, usually, the performance of your competitors.

Lens Supplier

DBM has been a long -term lens supplier to the automotive industry. DBM began with developing better engineered Fresnel lenses for taillights using proprietary software. They developed better lenses that reduced bulb count and improved visibility. As the industry moved to LED based taillights and stoplights, this same software was optimized for LED’s.

DBM’s expertise in LED engineering and further refinement of Total Internal Reflection (TIR) software has made them a key supplier in automotive, architectural, medical, agricultural, industrial, and navigational lighting.

We Can Help

DBM can help your company deliver an LED based solution in less time, with much better performance, and that fits into your present manufacturing flow better than anyone else. We have a number of customer’s for reference if you need them.

DBM can offer engineering, consulting, mold or insert design or complete end product.

DBM prefers to work with you to deliver the solution you want at the cost you need. The comments we receive from every DBM customer are “great communications” and “excellent customer service.”