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POS & Display


UNTACT is the IR based contactless touch technology that recognizes touch operation in the range of 5~25mm distance from the glass surface

UNTACT is a good fit for COVID-19 pandemic environment as it protects users from the surface virus

We offer a contactless option to any POS system. You can integrate the contactless solution as a separate item for entry control or customer order entry and checkout.

We can retrofit the contactless solution to any present system already installed. .


Hygienic stability (including psychological stability) from contamination of touch surface.

User Friendly

Easy use with accurate and fast touch operation with innovative visual, sound and light haptic.

Various Application

UNTACT touch in various fields of ordering, payment, information and check-in systems.

Installation Guides

REP 6-1 Touchless touch Kiosk Overlay Module type UTO Installation Guide: Velcro Tape


Rep 6-3 27’ Portrait Kiosk Touchless touch overlay UTO Installation Guide: Bracket Version